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What makes us different? Our industry leading research into the foundations of software systems design; the expertise we gained by reinventing software from the ground up; the experiences we accumulated from developing a uniform resource engine; the lessons learned in over a decade of assisting our clients in implementing their projects.

All of these accomplishments make up our intellectual capital. They put us in a unique position to analyze and define solutions in such domains as modeling, reuse of a code base, integration, scalability, architecture and operational performance of a system or particular project.


Requirements have to be identified and quantified


Consulting Inquiries

Please contact one of our consultant engineers for a no obligation discussion of the services available.

call: (UK) +44 1454-311345

call: (US) +1 862-772-1060

We can assist you in transforming your enterprise from being built on a brittle and wasteful IT into one that evolves with changing business goals and complexity.

Our consulting services will allow you to make the most of resource-oriented architecture and benefit from fundamentally new economics of Enterprise IT.

Through our technical strategy consulting services we can guide you to:

  • Understand the new big picture in the resource-oriented approach
  • Identify hidden costs and shadow liabilities in your architecture
  • Take advantage of lean economics in project development
  • Reduce long-term total cost of ownership in your IT organization

What makes us different?

  • Basic research into fundamental computer science
  • Re-inventing software from the ground up
  • Experiences accumulated by developing a Uniform Resource Engine
  • Lessons learned in implementing value - based innovation for our clients

Our approach to technology consulting focuses on requirements and results.

Projects often run into problems because requirements are poorly defined. Graphs in power point presentations alone do not make for good requirements documents. Requirements must be defined and quantified by type and at each appropriate level.

We use some of the most comprehensive and advanced requirements specification techniques to assist you in completing your projects successfully. We can support you in how to:

  • Define requirements by stakeholder value
  • Rewrite requirements documents
  • Define engineering processes and concepts
  • Identify multiple development resources and constraints
  • Quantify quality, risks and costs
  • Embed continuous customer feeback in the develoment process

We do observe processes and are always focused on results. Our solutions experts can help you specify, build, test, deploy and support your:

  • Application development
  • Data integration
  • Architecture solution and exception handling
  • Caching and performance tuning

Mentoring relationship. A mentor from 1060 Research provides training and guidance by example. Teams that use pair programming would benefit from this type of engagement.

Product Support

Product support throughout the lifecycle of your systems

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Support Enquires

For tailored quotations or to discuss any aspect of our support offering please contact us:

call: (UK) +44 1454-311345
call: (US) +1 862-772-1060
Regardless of your choice of edition we want to help you get started in your exploration of Resource Oriented Computing.

When you register and download Enterprise Edition for the first time we offer you complimentary 30 days of product support.

Users of Standard Edition can take advantage of our community support forum which is monitored and assisted by 1060 Research staff.

Designed for software development teams that require technical support assistance during the development and testing phases of an application.

1060 technology experts will provide “best practice” guidance on the use of NetKernel and its library modules. Priority bug fixes and fast-track enhancement consideration is offered. Developer support covers a per project basis. Support incidents may be reported via phone or email.

Developer support is available for cover of development projects on both NetKernel Standard Edition and NetKernel Enterprise Edition.

We offer three levels of support tailored to the differing needs of projects:

Level Channels Incl. Incidents Response Work-around Fix Auth. contacts Fast-track Enhanc. Desktop Support
Bronze portal 8 36h 4d next release 1 no no
Silver portal 16 24h 2d next release 2 no yes
Gold portal/ phone/IM 24 12h 1d 2d 4 yes yes

Service Plans

Plans to Protect your Investment

Service plans provide you the peace of mind you demand in 24/7 production environments.

Plans and packages are available at increasing service levels. The highest level offers you comprehensive cover and response times that match your SLA requirements.

Level Channels Incl. Incidents Response Workaround Fix Auth. contacts
Bronze portal / phone 4 24h 2d next release 1
Silver portal / phone 12 12h 1d next release 4
Gold portal / dedicated hotline / bat signal 24 2h 1d 2d 8


Webinars, workshops, 2-5 day on-premise courses, standard or customized

We focus on value and believe in the basic principles of systems engineering and professional accountability in IT. We do not believe in product-only or process-based software development methodologies and the bill-by-the-hour project management style.

Our training and education offering covers engineering, forecasting and technology and is designed to give executives and engineering teams in your organization a solid foundation in:

  • IT architecture and design based on engineering paradigms that quantify requirements for performance, qualities and costs.
  • Basic forecasting techniques for software development projects, including sunk costs, shadow liabilities and total cost of ownership.
  • Basics of new economics of resource-oriented computing.
  • Basic and advanced courses in resource-oriented computing.
  • Training for developers and systems administrators on the NetKernel platform.

We can also design custom workshops and training programs that meet the needs of your organization either over the web or on-premise.